Is Lou 2D or 3D?

I’m no professional artist, so when I started building this “Surly” game, I knew I needed to utilize tools I had experience with. Blender was the only “art” tool I really knew how to use. I used it for fun projects, back when I taught, like creating a logo for our robotics team. My work […]

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Tackling the Cicerone

I’m back! After a one year hiatus, I’ve decided to refocus my brewing blog. As I settle in to work, and have more time for other things, I want to focus my studies on the Cicerone test. I will still add updates to my brewery experience, and cool events that occur, but I also want […]

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Rundown of the Big House

Last update, I was beginning to work my way through becoming a brewer at Surly’s old location. Since then, I moved to the new, 100 barrel brewery in Minneapolis, and have become trained in multiple facets. Due to my robotics experience, and the fact that I had not been fully trained yet, I was a […]

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Living the Dream

A year a ago, when I began my adventure, schooling, and this blog, it was a 5 year goal of mine to work at Surly. One year later, and I’m living my dream! As one might imagine, life has been crazy for the last couple of months. I began my new job, and moved back […]

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Final Month with the Flock

I’ve enjoyed my time in Chicago, learning about beer, drinking great beer, working with beer, and making great friends whom share my passion for beer. I started with Seibel, but it’s been my experience with Goose Island that has made my passion flourish, and jolted my need to continue the brewing path. This past month […]

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Moving Fast!

I may not be writing much on here lately, but my life has been moving really fast. First of all, I received a full time job at Goose; I pretty much do the same tasks, with the added business of running the floor and doing some scheduling. September flew by. Most of what I did […]

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